Unretirement and encore careers: The new normal?

Working individuals are retiring in record numbers, but that is not the big discussion that is going on when it comes to getting older. The thing that tends to be the big conversation topic for older people is their second job after they retire from their first.

So many people are retiring from positions that they have held onto for years only to find themselves walking right back into another job. The reason for this is rather simple. People that are part of the job force are often working on jobs where they may not be fully embracing retirement planning. Adults that have adult children may find themselves helping their grown kids. They may also be helping grandkids. In other words, these aging working adults are finding themselves in a position where they do not have money to say because they are still helping their own children.

This often backfires or the aging adult that has not considered the type of health problems that they would have in their old age. There are a lot of people that are healthy that may never consider just how much they need to live when they retire. They may have more visits to the doctor. They may have more needs for transportation that is provided by others. All of these things can play a very big part in how more money is needed during retirement years. This makes it harder for people to retire. This is why more people look for a second job.